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IT Consulting, GIS
& Mapping Services

Empowering our clients to take informed decisions quickly and effectively is our mission. Our advanced mapping solutions and software coupled with intelligent algorithms help us offer mission critical services to our clients across various domains. We possess the experience and technology that is hard to match. Visit our services page to know more about how we can transform your business.

Our Services

Our Services
GIS and Image processing

From Digitization to processing of satellite imagery we have it all. We create the finest GIS maps from scratch.

Agri Mapping and intelligence

Knowledge is power. We create accurate plot level maps and filter data into them and make these accessible to our clients.

Flood Modelling

We use cutting edge GIS and physics of fluid flow to offer flooding solutions to today's cities and towns.

Data & Information

We are currently the largest repository of data which we convert into meaningful information for actionable use.

Statistics & Dashboards

Dashboards are good for data visualization. Our statistical tools power our  dashboards for the right insights

Survey & Map creation

We possess the capability to create stunning 2D and 3D survey maps using photogrammetry and GIS mapping technology.


End to end mapping solutions to the Agriculture Industry


State-of-the-art intuitive dashboards for the right insights


Cutting edge training & Mobile App for Survey and data collection


From Spatial data to software implementation learn from our experts


Geotrans develops a model for yield prediction, the first of its kind research work undertaken for the states of Maharashtra ad Uttar Pradesh

 Geotrans becomes the largest mapper of Agriculture in India after having mapped over 7 Million sqkm

Ready to find out more?

Data spread across large areas? Need accurate information? Need customized solutions? We can help.  


Be it the use of advanced satellite imagery, mapping solutions or addressing a specific problem, we have the right consultants with years of experience in various domains. We will be happy to study your needs and suggest customized solutions. Send us a query through our contact page and we will get back to you.

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