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Samples of Agrimapping

Plot level maps


We create micro maps of plots, this is the best one can get to the reality on the field. Our plot maps are accurate to <1m accuracy and provide insights that are invaluable. The plot maps are essentially base maps that represent the plot boundaries as illustrated in the figure.

Plot-wise crop segregation


We use a combination of raster data analysis and vector data processing to accurately ascertain the crop in each plot. This helps in accurate acreages computation and management of fields data. Once the base data is created Plot-wise crop mapping can be taken up at anytime to update the crop in each plot..

Varietal segregation of crops


Using modern image processing technology we are able to differentiate the crops based on variety, Currently we are able to achieve an accuracy of over 80% for varietal segregation of crops. With more and more data coming into the system the machine learning will push the accuracy to higher levels.

Early disease warning system


We carefully track the crops' reflectance over a timeline to capture any drastic or unreasonable changes in the reflective property of the crop and identify early disease. One of the largest exercise undertaken by us was for the identification of pest infestation in cotton in the year 2015. 

Tree counting and measurements


Trees such as palm, rubber and others have along a life span, these trees are also grown widely as they have economic benefits. Our technology helps map these trees and update database on a per plot basis there by helping our customers track, manage and maintain their area of interest.

Risk mitigation and water management

Different areas have different topological features, this results in the water flow to behave in a certain way. We use state of the art elevation and terrain modelling algorithms to identify problematic regions. Our solution helps in identifying desirable areas for cropping while creating an efficient risk mitigation plans that works.

Decision support system

Our advanced software system helps process big data and provide insights and forecast by using statistics and various mathematical modelling tool. These DSS help our customers to take informed decisions that are backed by strong scientific findings.

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