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IT Solutions
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Mapping from Satellite imagery to surveillance using Drones, we employ modern remote sensing technology to map millions of sq km of land parcels across the globe and provide our customers with estimates using statistical and decision support AI tools. 

Urban Planning & Utilities

Town and country planning departments use a variety of tools for effective management of urban resources and utilities. We offer end to end services such as data conversion, spatial  analysis and various other GIS implementations for analysis & planning purpose.

Transport & Logistics

Location based systems and transportation problems are quickly optimized by our GIS based routing tools. We offer this as an-onshore service or as an off-shore service based on our customers' needs. We also offer API's for advanced visualization.

Health & disease monitoring

Disease vectors move and propagate in certain patterns. We help uncover this using advanced vector tools and simulation. We advise and help the health care industry to take pro-active measures to contain the spread of infectious disease.

Business & Retail

Mapping customers are important for business and retail. Knowing where your customers are located help in directing marketing information effectively. We help organizations find their markets and help them uncover buying behaviors.

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