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GIS and Image processing

GIS and Image processing


When it comes to GIS we have the right expertise. We offer the following core GIS services…

  • Digitization / Data conversion

  • Data integration & migration

  • Spatial data analysis

  • Implementation services


We offer the above and its associated services to a wide range of industries. Some of the highlights of the core services are as follows…

Data conversion: We use industry standards for data conversion to help generate the most accurate maps. Be it legacy paper maps or raster data from various image sources, we can combine the best of head-up digitization and semi-automatic digitization to deliver vector maps of the highest quality.





















Spatial data analysis: GIS offers endless capabilities for data visualization and analysis as it allows to overlay number of layers of data and then create relations between them. Be it ArcGIS or on the fly Manifold we get our customer to uncover trends and patterns and visualize data like never before.

Image processing

We use PAN chromatic and multi spectral imagery or a combination of both for the extraction of data. Be it for the agricultural sector or for mapping urban growth or for that matter studying natural disasters and the extent of damage we are a one stop shop. What makes us unique is that we not only extract the data but also analyse the same and make the findings available through our easy to use yet powerful dashboards and reports.


Next generation image processing


Over the last 1 decade we have been researching on pixel and data numbers to uncover hidden data in the imagery. We have invented 27 indigenised algorithms that have been perfected over the last several years to filter data from raw imagery. This will have a significant impact on the agriculture industry.

Raster Data

Vector Data

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