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Data & Information

Many organizations don’t prefer to implement GIS which is capital intensive. For such customers we offer data and information services that can be consumed in a ready to use format. These are mostly delivered by way of reports or alerts.

It is important to understand the difference between Data and Information. Most organizations have an enormous amount of data but do not have the tools and expertise to process them and convert them into meaningful information.







We offer fully customized reports based on the needs of our clients. Some of the largest association such as the sugar mills owners and rice millers use this service. The service also helps to cut down on cost and enable organizations to focus on their core business and use our service to leverage their power of decision making.


We are also one of the largest repository of historical data. This helps us to incorporate trends and use various statistical models to offer the best advisory and information services. Our spatial data development team continuously generates base data for various industries such as logistics, transportation, urban planning and agriculture giving us a definitive advantage.

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