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We have been serving the agriculture industry for the last several years. We have identified the following core areas in the agriculture domain where we can contribute in a significant way.

  1. Mapping of crop and plots.

  2. Acreages of crops/varieties/competitive crops.

  3. Water availability in an area.

  4. Information on soil type and elevation profile of an area.

  5. Assess the area of a land parcel from the point of view of agriculture suitability and development.

  6. High-resolution vector map of any area of interest.

  7. Yield and estimate of production.

  8. Monitor losses due to crop disease.

  9. Comparison study of the current situation to what it was on another period.

  10. Land use mapping of any area.

  11. Linking farmer information to the plots /fields.

  12. Want to identify flooding prone areas or drought prone areas.

  13. Total vegetation in the area and change over a timeline.

  14. Forecast of prices of commodities, we can provide you the right insights.

  15. Processing of large amounts of data and visualization the same.

  16. Concerned about the availability of raw material for processing.

  17. Quick report on loss, post food or drought.

  18. Report on loss due to pest infestation.

  19. Accurate maps for your area in 2D and 3D.

  20. Data collection from farmers by an interview process.

  21. Random insight from an area.

  22. Full software implementation for analysis and decision making.

  23. ERP integration with GIS.

If any of the above interest you we can help. Mention the numbers corresponding to your requirements and send us a response from the "Contact Us" option below. Please mention the corresponding item no in the subject line.

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