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Business & retail

Marketing and sales is one of the most important function of any business today. We help our customers find their markets and help them direct their message to the right target. Our GIS system helps in identify the right location for maximum impact. One of the major composts of the 4 P's of marketing is "Place", this seldom is captured accurately. GIS helps in bringing the locations aspect of the data and there by adding a incompletely new dimension to the analysis of sales data. Our core expertise are as follows areas.

  1. Uncovering where and who buy a product.

  2. Segregate areas based on trends and user defined parameters.

  3. Demarcating markets scientifically.

  4. Direct marketing pitch based in spatial trebles and patterns.

  5. Knowing where the market exists now and how its going to grow.

  6. Know where your competition is.

  7. Know your real sales performance based on spatial relations and market potential of an area.

  8. Finding new markets.

  9. Finding new sore locations.

  10. Finding potential holes in market to exploit profitability.

  11. Visualize data spatially using thematic maps and heat maps.

  12. Share data with dashboards.

  13. Visualize data and forecast using historical data trends.

  14. Uncover patters not visible otherwise using concept of layering and building relationships with different set of data.

If any of the above interest you we can help. Mention the numbers corresponding to your requirements and send us a response from the "Contact Us" option below. Please mention the corresponding item no in the subject line.

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