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Agri Mapping and intelligence

We are the pioneers of agriculture mapping in India. We map most of the major crops with over 97% accuracy. With technology for both raster data processing as well as vector data processing we are able to combine the best of both worlds to offer our customers unmatched data and field intelligence. 

Following are the services offered for the Agriculture sector...

  • Plot level mapping services using PLOTIT

  • Acreage estimations.

  • Crop quality monitoring.

  • Yield analysis and forecast..

  • Varietal segregation of crops.

  • Correlation modelling to estimate and forecast productivity.

  • Risk mitigation.

  • Early disease warning system.

  • Decision support system.

  • Land use mapping.

  • Elevation modelling and flood water management.

  • Competitive crop mapping and more...


Looking for more? Having a sticky problem to solve? We will be happy to help. Check out our samples page to get more insights on how we can help transform your business.

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