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Health & Disease Monitoring

The traditional transportation model solutions do  it take into consideration real time topography and road conditions while solving routing problems. Our transportation model solutions take real time inputs from the maps and then trigger real-time spatial data problem for the GIS system to solve, the results are practical, real-time and interactive. The core services offers in the domain are as follows...

  1. Track disease vectors.

  2. Thematic mapping of cases of disease based on wards, talluks etc.

  3. Identifying trigger points and simulation for proactive intervention.

  4. Tracking epidemic and spread of disease.

  5. Creation and analysis of complex relationships for research.

  6. Setting risk flags based on historical outbreak of disease.

  7. Pinning patients to residential address and and data monitoring.

  8. Intelligent for diagnosis based on spatial trends and patterns.

  9. Study of spatial attributes and their relationship to general health & illness.

  10. Tools for planning intervention programs.

If any of the above interest you we can help. Mention the numbers corresponding to your requirements and send us a response from the "Contact Us" option below. Please mention the corresponding item no in the subject line.

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